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How can you export with us?

Product name and image

To provide you the accurate and detailed information, we need firstly the product name and sample pictures of the products. The more accurate images and specified name, brand name, etc. will enable us to find the best results.


To create an order every supplier or producer has certain minimum order quantity limits. To list suitable producers and suppliers for you, we need to know your minimum order quantity to match it with the suppliers who accept it.

Target price range

During a supply chain process, one of the critical factors is pricing. To find proper suppliers highly rely on your target price range and budget. Hence, to present you with a detailed report with useful information, your price range should be precise and accurate.


As Onon consultancy, we have technical expertise and manpower in each sector that we provide service, however, the more we receive technical specifications of the desired product the more practical process takes place for both parties.

If you send the specification documents of each product including the information such as name and required parameter, compliance and certification requirements, and other technical remarks, we can find the best results and at the same time, you won’t waste your time by redoing the briefing process before each order.

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