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ONON Consulting is an international business consultancy firm, which has its headquarters located in Istanbul. We are strategically placed at the bridge to the Middle East and Europe, which facilitates us in serving our clients most adequately to their needs.

We divided our business into two core areas, namely Investment Opportunities and Business Abroad.    

We offer a portfolio of real estate investments in Turkey and Europe. Our portfolio includes a variety of Residence Projects, Hotels, Luxury Homes and Land Investments. Additionally, we have seasonal villa rentals on Ibiza Island in Spain. Moreover, we provide Energy project licenses for Solar and Wind energy investments in Turkey. Furthermore, we forward clients to businesses, which look for investors to either expand their business or sell their shares. Likewise, we service clients who are interested in Citizenship by Investment opportunities in European countries. With a variety of Golden Visa programmes that have been initiated in numerous countries in the EU, we advise in finding the right investment and help to enter the Golden Visa programmes.  

On the other hand, while expanding abroad we provide our clients business set up services to help them start with the most suitable company structure. On top of that we offer our Turkish clients how to take advantage of Government Incentives, which include receiving up to 50% of their company expenditures back from the Turkish Government in the scope of “Turquality”. Additionally, we conduct Market Research for clients who are looking for the right solution partner or producer of a certain product.


Meet our Founder

ONON Consulting is set up by a founder, who merged her distinct experiences and skills; altogether acquired in international settings, to provide personal and professional advice to her clients. Our founder comes from a multicultural background and speaks several languages including Turkish, English, Dutch, and French.

Onon Consulting

Tuğçe Beltek

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Vision & Mission


ONON Consulting wants to expand its professional network and knowledge worldwide in order to be in the position to provide its clients with the most suitable, profitable and effective business solutions.

We prioritize to have local professional partners across the globe, with the aim prevent surprises and unforeseen circumstances.


ONON Consulting will open new doors for you as a private investors or as a business. This may be by engaging our Investment Opportunities or Business Abroad Services. Either way, with our widening professional global network, our local advice will be specifically tailored to your needs.

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Invesment Opportunities

ONON Consulting offers a variety of investment opportunities. Our portfolio consists of investments in four different categories, explained in detail here below.

Investors will have the opportunity to choose from real estate projects with promising future prospects; strategic energy projects including wind, solar and bio-energy; exploring a variety of companies who are looking for investors; and investing abroad to benefit from attractive investment returns as well as citizenship.

Business Abroad

ONON Consulting assists companies to start their business abroad. We are continuously expanding our business locations and welcome any new destinations that would be of interest for our clients.

Through expanding their business abroad, Turkish firms have the opportunity to benefit from government incentives. We advise firms on how to prepare their businesses to be eligible for such incentives and give them a head start and competitive advantage in a new location.

Additionally, we conduct market research for companies and prepare feasibility reports. We find the ideal partner for products or services in Turkey that clients require in their home country. This also leads to distribution and franchising agreements to be arranged between our clients and companies abroad that are interested in growing their brands.

As ONON Consulting we are facilitating companies in Turkey to export their products to Europe, Americas and the Middle-East, equally we match product requests from international companies that want to import products from Turkey. Our range of services spreads mainly over the following sectors: Food&Beverages, Baby Products, Health Care Products, Textiles, Furniture and Home Appliances, Construction Materials and Automobile Sub-Parts.  

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Onon Consulting
Onon Consulting
Onon Consulting

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